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    Offer Valid: 11/01/2021 - 02/01/2023
    Get what you need and Keep Your CASH!
    Do have a need that is just NOT in your budget?  Do you just go without, or are you willing to think outside the box?  BARTER is making a huge comeback!  Become a member, trade with other business owners, get what you need to grow, expand, and thrive, all while CONSERVING your CASH!!

    Don't like to trade because you've gotten the short end of the stick before?  Through an exchange this doesn't happen because we utilize our own currency, the trade dollar, and everything is charged at the normal retail price.  What you earn is what you get to spend, regardless of what any other member earns or spends!

    All Windsor Chamber of Commerce members can enroll for free!  This is a lifetime membership.  Contact me to learn more about how this amazing economy can help your business thrive and grow!

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